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chatGPT & ServiceNow KB integration

This integration adds an UI action to the kb_knowledge table. This UI action creates the translated version of the knowledge article in the user chosen language of choice.

Release Notes


  1. IntegrationHub Standard Pack Installer

  2. chatGPT API-Key

  3. Available credit in chatGPT API account

  4. 'I18N: Knowledge Management Internationalization Plugin v2' plugin installed

Installation steps:

  1. Import the update set XML to your instance

  2. Go to your instance and look for the update set named 'chatGPT KB integration' under loaded update sets and commit it.

  3. Follow the configuration steps below.

Configurations needed:

  1. Go to chatGPT integration - Properties

  2. Provide chatGPT API-Key (mandatory), chatGPT model (mandatory), comma separated list of tables where chatGPT suggestions should be added (mandatory)

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