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Update Set Migration

Updated: May 18, 2022

For successful deployment of changes from one instance to another, it is vital to document necessary steps to migrate update sets, as well as data not captured by the update sets. In many organization, the deployment of update sets is handled by different groups. So a document with the detailed steps for migration helps the team ensure that all changes operate as expected.

Document should include:

  • Update Set Application Order - In order to ensure dependencies are met, it is vital to document the order in which update sets are applied.

  • Additional Data Migration - Make sure to document additional data or configuration changes required to accompany the update sets:

    1. Indicate where the additional data files are located. For example, state that they are attached to the update set in the development instance or provide a network drive path.

    2. Provides instructions for using the export and import procedure to transfer the data using XML files.

    3. Instructions (if applicable) for activating plugins.

    4. Configuring system properties or other instance-specific settings.

    5. Setting up MID Servers and identity servers.

    6. Ensuring that the target table is available.

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